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cultivating our capacity to collaborate coherently 

Advancing whole systems solutions for the Earth

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co•her•ence | kō’ hi(ə)rəns |



The quality of forming a unified whole



unity, aloha, love

Advancing whole systems solutions by uniting
Indigenous Wisdom + Earth Systems Science.

We bring people together to create fields of coherent, collective intelligence and unified action, to positively impact systems at scale, solving some of the most complex issues of our time - for the good of all LIFE ON EARTH.

Our methodologies and measurements for success are driven as much by the way we operate as by the outcomes we seek. 

our mission

why coherence?


FORM FOLLOWS FREQUENCY - We offer a new structure of accessing unlimited thinking about what is possible, toward a thriving and peaceful planet. We assemble teams of cutting-edge and traditional solutionaries to generate and carry out strategies for healthy ecosystems. 

The alchemy of radical collaboration across boundaries provides entry to realms of intelligence that are inaccessible in ordinary strategy sessions. By cultivating a respectful environment of undefended presence and deep listening, we access collective genius, raise our consciousness beyond where thinking has gone before, and co-create new ways forward. 

collective intelligence

fields of coherent collective intelligence.

Architecting Systemic Global Change

Foggy Forest


Protecting Ancient Forests to Preserve Life on Earth

Protecting Earth's Ancient Forests is key to solving the interrelated crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pandemics. 


Kaiāulu leverages social coherence to generate the necessary societal, political, and industrial will to protect every last hectare of Ancient Forest.

The world’s most intractable problems will not be solved with the same thinking that created them. We are weaving together collective intelligence and indigenous wisdom to transform the way we solve these interrelated crises.

We represent an alliance of the world’s foremost scientists, economists, activists, wisdom keepers, systems strategists, and philanthropists dedicated to preserving Earth’s remaining Ancient Forests. 

To learn more and or to offer your time, energy and support visit us at Kaiā

Indigenous Knowledge

Coherence Lab was honored to host and support Ilarion (Kuuyux) Merculieff’s vision for 13 Indigenous Wisdom Weavers from tribes around the world to gather for four days on Kaua`i to co-create a message for humankind. Hundreds of community members gathered over the four-day event for sunrise ceremonies, shared traditions, teachings and communication.

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Legendary Legacies

Our work has expanded to include work with entrepreneurs and next-generation heirs looking to shape their legacies for global and personal responsibility. Through our events and private coaching we work with individuals and families to redefine wealth and prosperity toward social change. In 2018 we worked with heirs of small and large fortunes and multi-billion dollar family... 

Solutions Lab

A means to build a “community of innovators for sustainability” with students, traditional practitioners, educational institutions, allies in business, government, non-profit, and community organizations. By bringing together diverse and committed teams, we hope to systematically address Kaua’i’s priority challenges to a sustainable future at the root-cause or systemic level.




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