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Coherence Update from the Field

Aloha All – Happy Summer!

As many of you know, we recently had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas and the Bay Area.

We feel so much gratitude for all the kindness, openness and willingness that each of you have shared - not only along this recent trip, but throughout Coherence Lab’s entire journey. We felt compelled to share a quick summary of our meetings as our way of saying thank you and for sharing the ongoing experience of coherence with each of you.

Over the course of a week, we had the pleasure of meeting with:

DAMIEN PATTON >> Damien built the revolutionary technology Banjo, that offers a way to see and know virtually everything happening across the globe the moment it happens. It’s a game changing solution that’s redefining how publicly available information is used. We were inspired to meet with Damien to address a burning question: How do you leverage the power of existing technologies to shift global behavioral patterns through small, simple acts? And, how do you harness the energy that’s stirred after watching a profound documentary, particularly one about our earth, and translate that energy into grounded, practical, unified action that gives the participant the feeling that 'I am essential and my actions matter?' This highly illuminated conversation sparked ideas for immediate, on-the-ground actions that we are looking to implement this summer while simultaneously exploring what’s possible longer term. We were delighted to add Damien to our stellar Advisory Team. BIO | COMPANY |

LYNNE TWIST & RANDY McNAMARA >> Lynne graciously shared her stories, expertise and inspirations with the work she’s doing around the world, particularly with respect to The Pachamama Alliance. We learned more about Pachamama’s excursions into the Amazon and how profoundly life-changing those experiences are. Coherence Lab’s similar focus to combine Indigenous Wisdom with Earth Systems Science catalyzed a meaningful discussion and led to exciting ideas for Coherence Treks moving forward. We are extremely delighted and grateful that Lynne agreed to join our Advisory Team! After 40 years of delivering EST and Landmark Forum trainings to over 300,000 participants, Randy is recently retired and passionate about sharing the Climate Change message with the world. We were inspired by Randy’s focus, clarity and determination to help the world understand the 'urgency of now'. BIO LYNN | BIO RANDY | COMPANY|

SHILPA JAIN & AUSTIN WILLACY >> Coherence Lab is excited to partner with YES! to co-create an ongoing series of JAMs on Kauai. JAMs are a way to offer a deep experience designed to build trust, dismantle separation, celebrate diversity and unify around shared vision that’s then translated into action. Our first JAM will happen on Kauai this fall! Several Coherence Team Members will be participating in YES!’s North American Leadership JAM this September in preparation for our local JAMs. We’re exploring Youth JAMs as well as Intergenerational JAMs as initial starting points. BIO SHILPA | BIO AUSTIN | COMPANY |


Duane shared his wisdom around practical ways to engage communities in small, simple actions that create far reaching results. He taught us how these actions help individuals understand that they matter and their voice is essential. We are looking to integrate this teaching into our work moving forward. Ultimately, Duane was excited to confirm what he had said at the very beginning of Coherence Lab, that he’s in alignment with what we’re doing and would love to be an advisor!



Deborah and Howard of HeartMath (HeartMath Inc and HeartMath Institute) - Having worked with HeartMath’s emWave for years, we were excited to meet with Deborah and Howard and share the essence of Coherence Lab. We all felt connected around our shared vision to bring science, data and visualization to measurements of heart resonance (aka coherence) to the world. We’ll be exploring HeartMath’s facilitation training, as well as an initiative that may help us measure coherence for the island of Kauai! We’re excited to see how this partnership blossoms.


Patricia and Daniel were inspired to open their home to host our dear friends for an experience of coherence: Joanna Macy, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Claire Greensfelder, Claudia Welss, Mark Dubois, Clare Dakin, Shannon Biggs, Ryah Ki and Ty Cashman gathered for an evening of profound sharing, connections and ideas. Coherence Lab’s mission: To advance whole systems solutions by uniting Indigenous Wisdom and Earth Systems Science while inspiring communities to act coherently for the good of the whole, was met with a resounding ‘yes!’ from the group as we shared more about our approach to actualizing this mission. Each person shared how they have seen the power and the value of groups co-creating from coherent fields and the ability that has to break down barriers and generate amazing solutions. From the power of passion, to the solution for our country’s renewable energy issues, to ‘I Am the River and the River is Me’, the discussion generated more ideas and contacts for our team. Attached is a picture of this lovely group!


Osprey, Co-Founder and Exec. Dir. of Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network - Osprey is one of Coherence Lab’s advisors for our first Women’s Wisdom Keepers Summit that’s scheduled to happen on Kauai in early December. We had a wonderful time exploring how we’ll facilitate the event and enjoyed hearing Osprey’s experience in her work with WECAN around the world!



Nipun, Founder of ServiceSpace - Nipun touched our hearts deeply. He lives his life entirely based on the Gift Economy, where he gives with no expectation of receiving and relies on the generosity of others. He inspired us to look at how random acts of kindness and generosity can inspire others to do the same and how that model can help to unite a community. We’re excited to learn more about their Laddership Training and have Nipun and his family visit us on Kauai to share more.


To wrap up a wonderful week, we were able to join Joanna Macy again at her monthly Satsang in Berkeley.


Much is in motion. We will continue to share updates as we take our next steps. We’re so grateful to each of you and value your wise council, encouragement and support.

Love and Aloha, Prajna, Joan and Greg



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